MyGrafix makes managing your hosting quicker and easier

Frustration-free web hosting management with MyGrafix

MyGrafix is the most advanced web hosting control panel around

Whether you’re running a business or a blog, your control panel shouldn’t be a barrier to great hosting. Get more power with the resources of an entire platform, not just a single server.

Built for true cloud hosting

cPanel is limited to one server, so cPanel Hosting can never really be unlimited or cloud hosting. We don’t have those limitations.

Always evolving

Because we aren’t beholden to a 3rd party development cycle we frequently add new features to My20i, many thanks to our customers’ feedback.

Works everywhere

Other control panels can be slow and unwieldy if you’re trying to make changes on the move. MyGrafix adapts to your screen size, and it’s optimised to be fast and lightweight.

Automatic migration built-in

Migrate from other hosts (including cPanel based hosts) in a matter of minutes with our built in Migration Centre. It’s free and unlimited with no risk of data loss

Free CDN for faster site

Use MyGrafix to manage our fully featured global content delivery network (CDN). Included free with all web hosting, your site will load quickly everywhere.

Secure and ad-free email

Set-up and manage your email from within MyGrafix. Alternatively, our email works with all mail clients, including those from Microsoft, Google, Apple and Mozilla.

Easy domain management

Full domain name management including DNS settings, WHOIS, nameservers, privacy, contacts, DNSSEC protection, transfers and more. Plus apply preconfigured DNS entries for G Suite and Office365.

Powerful multisite hosting

Manage all your hosting, security and domain services in one place. Advanced multi-site management features and filters put you firmly in control, no matter how many sites you have.

Advanced tools built in

Manage databases with phpMyAdmin, use integrated Git version control to track and manage code changes, set-up remote MySQL access, manually backup/restore sites, manage FTP accounts, change PHP versions, create scheduled tasks, manage redirects and much more.

Plus MyGrafix comes with…

Web Hosting Tools
Email Tools
Domain Tools

Huge library of free one-click apps

Choose from 80+ free apps and install them in seconds

Find the right hosting for you

MyGrafix is free with our autoscaling cloud hosting solutions

Web Hosting

Single site hosting with lots of room to grow.

From $ 0.95 /mo

WordPress Hosting

Managed and optimised for speed.

From $ 0.95 /mo

Cloud VPS Hosting

Powerful and versatile virtual private servers.

From $ 12.99 /mo

Managed Hosting

Powerful and versatile virtual private servers.

From $ 34.99 /mo

Green web hosting powered by 100% renewable energy

We’re committed to making sure our hosting is as green as can be

Green Energy

All our hosting is powered by 100% renewable energy, which means all your sites and apps are too. That’s great news for you and the environment.

Green Data Centre

Our data centre has an extremely low PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.12. Plus, our Autoscaling Cloud Hosting only uses the resources it needs, so no energy is wasted.

Green Hosting

Low Carbon Footprint

Our office also runs on renewable energy with its own solar farm. We also have a paperless office, cycle to work scheme, and recycle all our waste.

Migration Centre: FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

All our web hosting services use GrafixHost’s proprietary autoscaling technology. No other company has access to this.

Autoscaling literally means that our resources scale automatically. Bandwidth, memory and processing power is scaled up or down instantly – depending on demand. This is what makes them true ‘elastic cloud’. If there’s a surge in traffic, your website will continue to offer the same fast experience for every user.

This is because a site isn’t hosted on one or two servers. Instead, it can access the whole platform’s resources: multiple servers. It’s what makes the GrafixHost platform special.

If there’s a spike in demand and your shared hosting ‘neighbours’ become busy, it doesn’t affect your site speed. Busy sites are isolated from others.

No, cPanel charges web hosts license fees which they then have to pass on to you. If cPanel increase their license fees those hosts have to increase their prices as well. MyGrafix is completely free and always will be. Plus, we will never charge you per site.

LVE is an acronym, ‘Lightweight Virtual Environment’. It refers to how much of a server’s resources are allocated to each customer.

LVE limits in cPanel are a side effect of the technology being limited to single-server hosting. Without set limits, one user could consume all the available resources – CPU and RAM – and slow down other websites hosted on the same server.

Because we are not limited by cPanel or CloudLinux, we host our customers across our entire platform through our autoscaling cloud hosting technology. This means we don’t have to put any limits on your site’s available resources.

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